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Video is now more important than ever to your brand, your marketing, and your business. With Cramer Motion Studios you can achieve even more.

Propelled by our uncommon studio model, we’ve paired our leading video production capabilities with the 150-person strong team from our marketing agency, Cramer.

Beginning with strategy and creative development and delivering through production, post, and asset management, we’re built to work the way our clients need us to — as their creative partner — from start to success.

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Here's How We Help You Achieve More

From Brand Films to Celebrity-driven Marketing Videos, this is where cinema and business meet.

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Make Every Frame Count

The line between B2B and B2C video has blurred. Today’s audiences may watch content to learn about your brand, but they also expect to be engaged and even entertained.

Video has the power to make an emotional connection that no other medium can touch. These days, almost everyone is producing videos. So how do you cut through the noise?

Growing a loyal audience isn’t as simple as making a video and uploading it to the web. To create content that pays off, you need a long-range plan. Without one, you risk being a one-hit wonder.

Our animation team's latest work.

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Drive Your Brand to Think like HBO

Imagine that your brand is a network. And not just any network. You’re HBO. From Game of Thrones addicts to the casual viewer, HBO’s success depends on producing high-quality, original content that’s tailored to their audiences.

Reaching viewers on a variety of engagement levels wouldn’t be possible without a long-range programming, development, promotion, and distribution strategy. As more and more people are introduced to brands through video, thinking like HBO isn’t such a farfetched idea.

Our work on videos that make web-based audiences laugh, cry, buy, and share.

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With the Power of a Full-service Studio

Our business cards say “Norwood,” but we like to think of ourselves as a Hollywood studio for brand marketers. At Cramer Motion Studios, you’ll meet a diverse group of thinkers, filmmakers, artists, and creators united by a desire to produce content that’s original, emotional, and inspires your audience to take action.

As a full-service video agency, we offer planning, development, production, and promotion of this original, powerful content.

While traditional production houses are focused mainly on execution, Cramer Motion Studios knows that our clients’ long-term success depends on a big-picture approach to creating video content.


If you would like inspiration for your next initiative, want to dig into the latest trends, or want to discover how Cramer can help you achieve more with your investment, then we’d love to connect.

Let’s go.

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