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Issue 85 | June 8, 2018

Featured Story

How C2 Montreal Is Evolving Events & Franchising Their Experiential Flavor

At the intersection of commerce and creativity, there are ninjas and smoothie shots. Learn how C2 is evolving the event experience.

Must Reads

3 Ways to Use Experiential Marketing to Deepen the Impact of Social Media

In a world where people check their smartphones 85 times per day, usually for less than one minute at a time, consumer engagement can seem elusive, but short attention spans and screen addiction don’t tell the whole story.

Podcast: How C2 Montréal Uses Disruption to Create Game-Changing Results for Participants

C2 International president Richard St-Pierre discusses how the conference’s unique experiences can maximize human potential.

CEO Interview: C2 Montreal Evolves With Global Aspirations

C2 may be past the point of reinventing itself as it looks to export its brand of experiential business conferences around the world.

Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report: All The Slides, Plus Analysis

It's that time of year again. Here’s a first look at the most highly anticipated slide deck in Silicon Valley.

Fringe Ideas

The Void Co-Dounder: 'The Secret to Storytelling in VR? Don't!'

Despite its popularity among creative technologists and marketers alike, attempting to tell a story through a virtual reality experience serves only to undermine the power of the medium.

New Trend Report: The Future of Loyalty

Loyalty is no longer about old-fashioned rewards systems or collecting paper coupons. Instead, enlightened retailers are employing digital innovation to modernize their loyalty programs.

From The Factory Floor To The Or, Robots Can Make Great Teammates

And instead of worrying about a robotic takeover, Julie Shah is embracing it. An associate professor at MIT, she works on ways to make humans and machines into safe, efficient teammates.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an RFID Vendor for Your Event

Not all RFID solutions are alike. Faulty wristbands or poor fulfillment can leave attendees frustrated. Once if you know the right questions to ask a potential RFID vendor, you can be confident when upgrading your tech.

Just Because

just because

Google creates mini-golf experience in US

Google is touring the US with a mini-golf experience to promote the different ways to use its Home speakers.

In case you missed it...

The Buzzword Bible for Meetings & Events Professionals

Activations, AI, Blockchain, VR, & Other Need-To-Know Events Industry Jargon For #Eventprofs

Newsletter How C2 Montreal Is Evolving The Event Experience

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